Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cheese puffs, what are they?

Cheese puffs came about right before the 1940s and by the 1950s they were a popular American snack. The original cheese puff comes from the Flakall company that actually produced flaked grain feed for livestock. The cheese puff, like many delicious foods, was not made on purpose. Edward Wilson, the flake operator at the company noticed that workers poured moistened kernels into the machine to reduce clogging. As the flaking machine ran continuously it became heated and the moistened cornmeal came out of the machine puffy ribbons that hardened when they hit the air. Wilson took some of these ribbons home and added oil and the flavor to make our beloved cheese puffs.

After this, the company started another flaker up just to produce what they named Korn Kurls. You might be better acquainted with Frito-lay's Cheetos. Cheese puffs, as fun and interesting as they are, are really not that great for you. They lack fiber and protein and are a snack high in fat and calories.

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